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Gettin' Down at the Grizzly Rose

By Katie Steen in Arts & Culture

Have you ever worn leather boots and carried a lasso around the house while pretending your dog was a cow? Have you ever watched a Clint Eastwood movie (or “Toy Story” for that matter) and wished you were a part of it? Do you ever listen to country music on the radio when you are alone in your car? Are you ever free on Sunday nights? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Grizzly Rose is the place for you.

Located off of I-25 about half an hour from Fairview, this country music club is the perfect place to go with friends when you have spent the whole weekend doing homework and watching TV. According to senior Lena Basta, who has been to the Rose more than five times and often frequents it on restless summer nights, the best part is that "everyone is there to have a good time—the atmosphere is just so much fun!”

If you get to the Rose by 7 pm, you can learn line dancing from a great teacher who takes it really slow, and then when the night gets going you can wow everyone with your moves. If you get there a bit later, random cowboys and girls will start dances and everyone will follow along--don’t worry, even the most uncoordinated people will have a good time and catch on quickly.

Once you have been a few times, you and your friends can even start a dance and everyone will follow you, which is pretty cool. Basically, it is like having a school dance every weekend but without the grinding and with lots of country music and cute cowboys and girls to flirt with!

If you get tired of line dancing (that’s never happened to me, but to each his own) there is also an automatic bull that you can ride and try your best not to fall off of! Although most people there will be dressed in their Wild West attire, it is certainly not required and the experience is just as much fun in jeans and a t-shirt. However, if you do have cowboy boots, this is your chance to really rock that fashion trend.

If you are a country music fan, you can not miss this great opportunity. The Rose plays contemporary country like "Chicken Fried" and "God Gave Me You" as well as originals from the talented live band.

The Rose is open to under-21s on Sunday nights starting at 6 pm until 11 pm. The admission is only five dollars (way less than a movie!) and there is plenty of free parking for all. I would seriously suggest to anyone who hasn’t tried this to give up one Sunday night and drag yourself down to the Grizzly Rose—if you don’t enjoy yourself, you can blame me personally!

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