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Girls Basketball Midseason Update

By Molly Box in Sports


Senior Sarah Gordon defends the ball during the Boulder vs. Fairview game. Photo by Chris Wagers.

One group of girls, with one goal, on one team. The Fairview girls’ basketball team’s unity is embodied by the single clap they do at the end of each practice.

“We end every practice with a single clap that symbolizes a heart beat throughout the entire program,” said Tati Sobolik, a senior Varsity player on the girls basketball team.

Sobolik has been playing basketball for ten years, and reached Varsity her junior year. Until this year she has never been a part of a team that’s not only dedicated to basketball, but also such good friends.

“We don’t need to be playing basketball all the time to just be with each other,” said Sobolik.

The teams frequent team bonding activities usually end in piles of laughter.

“My team is the best group of girls I’ve gotten the privilege to play with,” said Sobolik. “You can see it on the bench, we’re always yelling and cheering.”

During a game the team provides a substantial amount of motivation through shouts, whistles, and clapping that echo throughout the gym. However, Sobolik says the girls team could use some outside forces.

“It’d be nice to have people come to support the girls team for the full game, not just for the last four minutes like they usually do to get seats to see the boys game.”

At an average girls’ game there is about ten student supporters in the stand, whereas at a boys game the number ranges from forty to eighty.

“Where’s Fairview love if you're not showing any love to your girls team?” said Sobolik.

The season is coming to a close, but there’s still time to come witness this passionate team tear up the court.

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