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“Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute”: Net Zero Brings Water Bottle Refilling Stations to Fairview

By Rachel Grushan in Student News

Net Zero, the environmental club at Fairview, has installed five new water bottle refilling stations around school, thanks to a grant they wrote in October, as well as outside donations.


The stations can be found in the 600, 200 and 500 halls, as well as outside the gym and on the bricks. Two of the stations have water filters.


The purpose of the stations is to reduce plastic waste from water bottles. The station on the bricks has already saved 768 water bottles worth of plastic after only four days of use.


Sydney Keenan, a junior and member of Net Zero, says the new stations are both “cost-friendly, because you don’t need to buy water bottles, and eco-friendly.”


Net Zero worked with the FPO, Boulder Rotary, and the BVSD Sustainability Office to install the stations. They began writing the grants for the five stations in October, and the stations were officially installed over Winter Break. However, the club’s work is not done.


“We still have to do some promotion and education about the stations,” said Keenan.

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