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“Gran Hotel” Taken off of Netflix, Causing Mass Panic for students Enrolled in Fairview Spanish Classes

By Emma O'Leary in Humor


On November 15th, Netflix made the horrible mistake of removing the Spanish Soap Opera “Gran Hotel” from their website, resulting in mass hysteria for Fairview students currently taking Spanish classes.

“My students were acting like wild animals”, said Spanish teacher Mark Martinez about the “Gran Hotel”-addicted students. “They were posing a threat to the safety of others.”    

According to Martinez, the show started as a resource to help his students learn Spanish by listening to native speakers.

“Gran Hotel’s” popularity has spread from Spanish teacher to Spanish teacher, causing many students to become addicted to the show.

Martinez soon feared that his students’ approval of the show was quickly morphing into an unhealthy obsession. This fear became reality when the Martinez decided to assign bookwork on Friday instead of watching “Gran Hotel”, like usual.

“Every one of my students started throwing tantrums like two year olds,” Martinez said. “They were screaming and yelling savagely at me, and some were on the verge of tears. To be honest, I feared for my safety.”

The addictive power of the show can cause extreme emotional side effects in young students. Such is the case with student Molly Smith.

“Everything was going so well,” Molly Smith said. “Then, on November 15th, I felt like my whole world was ripped from beneath me.”

Smith was awake until 3:00 AM last night, ‘binge watching’ “Gran Hotel”, when all of a sudden it stopped playing.

“I was in the middle of the season 3 finale,” she said. “Now I will never know what happens to Alicia and Julio. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore!”

Her parents made an appointment with a psychiatrist to help her cope with the loss of Gran Hotel.

Officials from the National Department of Netflix Addiction were called in to take control of the situation.

“I thought I could handle any mental breakdown situation thrown my way,” an NDNA officer said, “But when I walked into one of those spanish classrooms, I just froze. It was complete mass hysteria.”

After 20 minutes, the NDNA officials were finally able to calm down the students.

“All of a sudden I remembered that in our old dusty supply closet, on the top shelf, are the discs of ‘Gran Hotel’,” Martinez said. “I was so relieved that we had not lost Gran Hotel completely.”

With this update, the mass panic caused by the removal of “Gran Hotel” from Netflix was resolved. The Fairview Spanish classes continue to watch “Gran Hotel” every week.

“My only fear now is what will happen in the classroom when we reach the final episode,” Martinez said.


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