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H&M: Where the Fashionable Meets the Stylistically Insane

By Shoshana Pollack, Matthew Eckl in Student News

Though not necessarily worth the trip to Denver, HM will certainly be a great addition to Flatiron Crossing Mall in Broomfield, where it is opening in this fall. HM was established in Sweden in 1947, and has been sweeping the world with its  inexpensive, fashionable clothing for men, women, teens, and children. It carries everything from Polo's to maternity ware. The clothes HM carries range from adorable to slightly “out there,” but are almost all are worth a try. It is a hit or miss kind of store, most things either look awesome on, or really, really strange. Some of the clothes are, what one might call avant-garde, or ahead of their time. Many of the shoes, similarly, are rather too “fashion forward.” For instance, Boulder is not quite ready for furry, four inch, platform, leopard spotted heels. Additionally, the Denver HM does not have the long awaited Versace collection, which is a huge disappointment to many. Despite it’s flaws, if you happen to be on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, HM is definitely worth a visit. It’s lacking collections and slightly too quirky styles notwithstanding, its a great store. It has awesome clothes, accessories, and shoes at very reasonable prices.

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