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How I Met Your Mother's 9th Season: What does it mean?

By Owyn Cooper in Arts & Culture

If you keep up with How I Met Your Mother (and if you don’t, you should because it’s AWESOME) then you should know by now that this marvelous beast of a show just got renewed for a ninth season.And, as a person who loves this show, I am not happy.I have to ask: “WHY?” I’ve been told all these years that I'm going to find out who the mother is in the 8th season. Why have you made my life a lie?With this up and coming 9th season, I’m peeved they’re just prolonging my suffering. I just want to find out who Ted ends up with, is that too much to ask?

On a more serious note, this show is amazing but what if this ninth season ruins it? What if this show has had its run by then and this ninth season is completely out of left field and awful?

Meh, I’ll still watch it.

On a funnier note, I hope this means another Robin Sparkles! (Robin Sparkles 5, y’all!)

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