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How To Rock Spirit Week 2012

By Elise Maclean in Student News

Do you have spirit? Now is the time to show it off! Next week is Homecoming spirit week and now is your chance to dress accordingly from head to toe based on each spirit day.

And the spirit days are....

Monday: Lumberjack Tuesday: Bro Wednesday: Superhero Thursday: American Friday: Fairview colors! School spirit! All red and white

There are many ways to dress up for each day. If you’re lost searching through your closet and can’t find anything to wear then here are some ideas!

Monday: Lumberjack Lumberjacks are usually seen wearing red plaid and jeans and on occasion, suspenders. The best way to dress as a lumberjack is to mimic their look. Any plaid is acceptable and jeans are an easy find. Suspenders may be hard to get, but if you have them be sure to wear them!

Tuesday: Bro Unfortunately if you are already a guy, this may not be as fun for you as it will be for girls. Being a “bro” is all about the flat lid baseball hats, the saggy pants, and of course the bro tanks. If you want to dress like a “lax bro,” I recommend wearing a lax bro tank, sports shorts, a flat lid baseball hat, and tall white socks. If you want the casual “bro” look, than any loose clothing and a flat lid baseball hat will do.

Wednesday: Superhero Do you have a favorite superhero? Why not dress up like them? Whether your favorite superhero is, Batman, Ironman, The Hulk, Spider Man, Wolverine, Wonder woman, Captain America, Thor, or Cat Woman, every superhero has their own personal touch. If you want to be Batman, don’t forget the cape and of course wearing all black. If you want to dress up as the hulk, being all green would definitely impress people. Make sure to be original and creative!

Thursday: American Wear red, white, and blue simple as that! Be proud of your country and show off your American pride.

Friday: Fairview Colors! School spirit! All red and white “If you bleed red and white, you must be a knight!” Be decked out in red and white to show off your school pride. Don’t be that one kid that wears purple...

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