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How to Succeed in Finals Without Really Trying

By Sharone Goldman and Shoshana Pollack in Student News

Just kidding, it’s impossible. If only finals were a musical. Unfortunately, the reality is that you became so stressed that the last thing you want to do is dance and sing. However, with these tips and determination, you might survive finals. Though we make no promises.

  1. Prioritize. What classes do you really need to study for, and how can your test score affect your grade? If it’s borderline, study harder, and don’t wait until the night before! If you have a really good grade in that class, then definitely study, but spend more time on your challenging classes. Also, some of your classes might have a final project instead of a final test. It is best to just finish that project early, so that you can focus on memorization for the actual tests.

  2. Manage your time. As mentioned in step #1, waiting until the night before to study is risky. Sometimes, if it is a relatively easy final and you only have one test the next day, then you can get away with studying at the last minute. However, most of your core classes likely have difficult finals, and if you have two major tests on the same day, then definitely do not wait until the day before to whip out those notes!

  3. Get a good night’s sleep It’s fair to say that during finals week you don’t get a sufficient amount of beauty sleep. However, try to get as much sleep as you can. If you sleep five every night that week, then by Thursday you will be exhausted to the point where you cannot focus.

  4. Figure out what grade you need on the finals to maintain a good grade in the class We’re journalists, not mathmeticans. If you can figure out the math, then knowing around what grade you need to get is an awesome motivator. It also helps you figure out if there are finals you don’t really need to study for, because it won’t make a difference either way.

  5. Don’t get too worried. If you’ve been doing well and getting good grades, then Finals is truly just like another test. Relax, study hard, and you will be fine.

  6. Eat healthy! Ditch that latte and give yourself a hearty breakfast with whole-wheat toast, scrambled eggs, Spinach, and a nice large cup of orange juice. And yes, we are serious about the spinach. Bon Appetite.

  7. Schedule your time Make a study schedule. And stick to it.

  8. Communicate with your teachers And make sure you do this in advance. If you have concerns and questions, your teachers will be happy to help you out, but make sure you do this a few days before the test.

  9. Flashcards There is no shame in asking your parents to buy you 2,000 flashcards. If just stare at your notes, you are not actually learning anything.

So, there you go.  Hakanuah Matata.

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