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Hurricane Fundraising at Fairview

By Kara Stepanik and Eliana Valenzuela Cabriales in Student News


Throughout the past month, hurricanes have pummeled the coasts of the Caribbean islands, Eastern U.S., and Mexico. People among the community have arisen to support hurricane victims through fundraising.

When given the question “when you first heard of them [ the hurricanes] what was your first impression?”, ‘Scary and sad’ some of the many words students thought of to describe the hurricanes.

“My first impression was it’s a bummer. [The] first thing I saw were pictures of two days before the hurricane hit and then after. It was a picture of a freeway that had an underbridge and then water over the bridge,” said senior Ella Walsh. “It’s just devastating and it sucks since everything gets taken out.” 

“I am a little confused and worried,” said sophomore Charlie Engle. “I haven’t seen anything like this in past years. I am surprised that there are so many in such a quick go.”

In response to these hurricanes, several clubs have been fundraising in efforts to support hurricane victims. Interact Club and Red Cross Club have offered support to the victims through fundraising.

The Interact club held bake sales and sold water bottles at the top of the school soon after Hurricane Harvey happened. The Interact club sent profits of the fundraising through the Houston Food Bank.

“Our club’s focus is donation within the community as well as internationally,” said Senior and co-president Lisa Hansen. “As we’re are selling, people see the signs on the walls, and they get excited because that’s a way people can help, just buying a cookie. It’s not something where they have to go to Houston or travel anywhere to help someone. It’s small things they can do to make a big impact later,” said Hansen.

The Red Cross sold Bundt Cakes on block days Wednesday and Thursday from the company Nothing Bundt Cakes located on Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder. All proceeds will go through the American Red Cross and they will use the money to help people impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Sophomore and Treasurer of the Red Cross Ana Swanson explained how the fundraising profits go through the American Red Cross. “ We have a deal with Nothing Bundt Cakes where for them it is $3 a bundt cake and so for every bundt cake sold we get $2 and they get $1,” said Swanson. “By doing that, the people who buy bundt cakes help with Hurricane Harvey.”

With the community uniting to help this cause and its love for sweets, the Red Cross was able to sell 275 bundt cakes and raise a total of $530 because they sold them for $5 instead of $3.

Walsh had a different approach on the matter of the hurricane fundraising. “It’s kind of a bummer, honestly. There are so many things that happen in the world that kind of suck. It’s weird that this is something we can totally help with, but we’re in our own little Boulder Bubble like we’re fine. But when the flood hit us we were like, ‘why isn’t everybody helping us?’. I think it’s kind of hypocritical of us,” said Walsh “There are 2,300 of us here. Why don’t we do more?”


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