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IB Film: Short by Evan Grainger, Ky Lotte and Garrett Mars

By Varun Narayanswamy in Arts & Culture

Here at Fairview High School students are known for their skills in music, sports, or even computers. However, few people understand the talent needed in order to make a good film. The film classes here at Fairview are constantly creating masterpieces that could wow any audience.

Recently, the IB film students have been creating silent films. An example of such a film was created by Ky Lotte, Evan Grainger and Garrett Mars, named “Mon Amor,” and has recently been put up for the world to see. Even though the film has no words, it is still excellent at conveying emotions such as humor, sadness and tension. Watch it here.

Mon Amor from Ky Lotte on Vimeo.


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