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IB Store reopens for the 2012-13 school year

By Elise Maclean in Student News

When you’re in the need for a quality snack or drink, the IB store is just the place to go. The high demand for warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies has finally been met. The most frequently visited store at the school, the IB Store, has recently reopened and has been running since Tuesday, September 4th. Although the IB store is required to follow the healthy food laws put in place by the district, the store sells a large variety of drinks and snacks that are both healthy and delicious. “Yes, we are following the rules, but we are selling cookies which we are allowed to sell,” said a parent volunteer working at the store on Wednesday. Sold at the store are peanuts, fresh fruit, bagels, chips, beef jerky, cheddar bunnies, gatorade, string cheese, pretzels, chocolate milk, burritos, otter pops, Rice Krispies, everyone’s favorite chocolate chip cookies, and much more. During passing periods students crowd the store forming what is not even close to a single file line as they eagerly buy snacks and drinks to quench their “starvation” and thirst. “I’m so happy it’s open. I wish it was open more,” said sophomore Nick Lyon. The IB store opens everyday at 1:30, and is an overall success for the school and IB program.

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