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Israel Loves Iran

By Raine Kennedy in Student News

“Iranians, We will never bomb your country, We love you.” These are words that seem unreal in today’s Middle East. With tensions high, and the threat of bombs in the air, love is the last thing one would expect to find between these two countries. But thanks to graphic designer Ronny Edry, love is exactly what has formed.

Edry is a graphic designer, living in Tel Aviv. The idea for the graphic came one day when he was standing in line at the grocery store. The teller and the customer in front of him were arguing. The customer was saying that Iran was going to drop 10,000 bombs. The teller said it was going to be 10,000 a day.

This sums up the risky balance between Iran and Israel that has existed for the past ten years. Edry wanted to do something. He had been a paratrooper in the Israeli military for three years, and he knew how things looked on the ground. He wanted to be an ambassador for his country, to send a different message than one of violence and hate.

Late that night, he designed a graphic, a picture of him and his daughter with the words, “Iranians, We will never bomb your country, We love you.”

Edry and his daughter, courtesy of Al Jazeera.

The picture went viral, and soon, Edry was being sent thousands of pictures from Israelis, all of them wanting him to turn their image into a poster, to send a message to Iran. And Iran responded. Messages began to come in. Similar pictures were designed.

In response to the Israeli outreach, Asal Souri, an Iranian, posted on Facebook, “, i am an iranian (lives in canada),i can not express my feeling when i read this, i promise you iranian have the same feeling about you too, i have met a couple from your country and we had a great time talking and eating with each other... i wish one day we can all live in peace...”

A poster posted on Facebook, courtesy of Yahoo! News.

In a world of fear, the love campaign offers hope, the hope that neither side wants to hate the other, that there may be peace in the future. Nobody wants war, least of all the common people of these countries. These pictures, exchanged through social media, has revealed the humanity and human compassion in a conflict that before this seemed devoid of any such sentiment.

Israel Loves Iran. Courtesy of Yahoo! News.

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