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It Was Fun.

By Katie Steen in Arts & Culture

If you have listened to the radio in the past 5 weeks, I’m sure you’ve heard the smash single “We are Young” featuring Janelle Monae. Chances are, however, that you haven’t actually heard any other songs by this newly popularized band entitled “fun.” Nate Ruess started the indie pop band “fun.” in 2008 after the breakup of his band “The Format” with Andrew Dost of “Anathallo” and Jack Antonoff of “Steel Train” as bandmates. The band has released two albums, “Aim and Ignite” in 2009 and “Some Nights,” in February of this year. I have been self-proclaimed groupie of “fun.” ever since I heard their debut album, and I attended both concerts last week, one in Denver on Thursday night and one in Boulder on Friday night. After the excruciatingly awful opening band, “Sleeper Agent,” which involved a ton of headbanging and a drummer who looked exactly like a muppet, “fun.” was a godsend. Nate (I’ve started to refer to him by his first name only, because I feel a close bond to him) has the most incredible stage presence of any performer I think I have ever seen. He looked completely comfortable on stage and made each audience of the member feel as if he was singing to them personally. The setlist flowed nicely, was incredibly well-balanced, and included all of their best songs, including the less-appreciated ones. While “We Are Young” is obviously a crowd-pleaser and has catchy lyrics, most of “fun.”’s other songs are more interesting and delve much deeper into those common problems that plague humanity. If you are at all interested in exploring their incredible music, I would recommend the songs “Some Nights,” “I Wanna Be the One” and “The Gambler.”

I am often skeptical about indie bands that become suddenly popular, but I would recommend “fun.” to everyone, even those of you who generally enjoy more mainstream music. Their mix of intensely personal and relatable lyrics, incredible cohesion within albums, and catchy tunes makes them, in my opinion, the perfect band.

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