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Jaden Hoechstetter: Fairview's Newest Rap Talent

By Ryan Swerdlin and Arvand Aidun in Student News


Junior Jaden Hoechstetter: advanced student, water polo player,

avid skier, passionate minecraft player, rapper.

Hoechstetter goes by the rapper name J $wef and makes his own beats on FL Studio. He hasn’t told many people about his talent for making raps, however he has posted a few online in undisclosed locations.  

“There’s a few [songs] up there on no-name youtube channels, but I guess my friends listen to them, they’re alright,” Hoechstetter said.

Hoechstetter acknowledges that he has a long way to go in his rap career, but is hopeful for the future.

“I’m no Kendrick [Lamar], but I’d like to think of my music as at least respectable,” said Hoechstetter.

He then added “Unlike Vodka Beats.”

Vodka Beats is a well known rapper at Fairview - fellow junior Charlie Bright. Evidently, J $wef considers himself to be Fairview’s top dog at rapping. Hoechstetter was quick, however, to point out that he has no ill feelings toward Vodka Beats, and respects all artists.

“I would not compare myself to anyone else based off ‘ability’. I would say, however, that I like the music I make and that every artist makes a different kind of music,” Hoechstetter said.

J $wef is by no means your stereotypical rapper. When he’s not rapping, Hoechstetter can be found laboring over chemistry textbooks, building houses in Minecraft, playing the popular computer game Wizard 101, and volunteering as a counselor at Science camps for little kids.

Rap can be a way to express oneself, and that aspect of rap is very important to Hoechstetter, and is why he keep writing new raps.

“Rap inspires me to express myself,” said Hoechstetter.

   Perhaps even more important to Hoechstetter is that he has friends that support him and his music.

“His music is unique and kinda sick,” one of his friends, Junior Atul Raguveer said.

Another friend, senior Krishna Ramesh agrees.

“His music takes risks and blows minds,” said Ramesh.” He is a white rapper who's not afraid to step up to the stereotypes  and stomp out any doubts that he can spit with the best of them.”

  With all this support and his drive to succeed, it may only be a matter of

time before Hoechstetter is considered the next Kendrick Lamar.


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