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Kelsie Jeffords: second most talented girl in America

By Caroline Kruger and Piper Salvator in Arts & Culture

Over 14 million viewers religiously follow America’s Got Talent. Who knew that the second most talented girl in America attends our very own school.  Senior Kelsie Jeffords, a member of the Silhouette dance team, as well as the Colorado community anxiously awaited the result on Wednesday September 14. After Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. won America’s Got Talent, everyone was shocked, however, winning was not the goal for the Silhouettes.

America’s Got Talent was only a side project for Rocky Mountain School of Dance, where Jeffords dances on average 25-30 hours per week. Over 100,000 acts auditioned, and the Silhouettes didn’t expect to even make it past the first cut.

“Mainly we just wanted to let the audience enjoy it because we didn’t care too much about winning,” says Jeffords, “We just wanted to have fun.”

They submitted a dance video from 2009 to the entertainment company that represents them and that company submitted it to AGT for the 2011 show. The director of Rocky Mountain School of Dance, Lynne Patton, choreographed all of the dances that aired on television.

Jeffords made memories and enjoyed this experience. One of her fondest memories was performing with Leann Rimes.

“Performing with Leann Rimes was definitely one of the highlights of the experience,” said Jeffords, “It was overall a really fun time.”

Jeffords was ultimately satisified with the result because second place still received a lot of recognition. Additionally, Jeffords enjoyed getting to know the other contestants, despite the tough competition, “I really believe that Landau deserved to win.”

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