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Kindness Bus Visits Boulder

By Katie Steen in Student News

One Million Acts of Kindness is a nation-wide effort to convince people to individually perform one million acts of kindness in their lifetime.  Bob, a middle-aged father of three, is very concerned with the future of his children and other college-aged kids in America. He has made it a goal of his to spread the kindness around the country. Thus, he embarked on a ten year journey with his Boston Terrier, Bogart in a bus painted with messages of kindness. The devoted team is taking a 7,400 mile indirect route from New York City to San Francisco with an additional 1,000 miles through Southern California for a total of 8,400 miles. Other than spreading the goals of One Million Acts, the team hopes to raise awareness about domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse.  Bob and Bogart graced CU campus last weekend and spread the words of kindness to CU students and other Boulder residents.

Some of the phrases painted on the bus are:

"Be a Kindness Ambassador on your campus"

"Let Kindness Rock the World"

"Peace is for everyone...make it your life's mission"

"Let Kindness Occupy your Heart"

"Give Everything You Possibly Can to Help Others"  and more!

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