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Kindness Issue Spot the Difference Answers

By Noah Finer and Carter Hanson in Multimedia

SPOILERS BELOW! Don't read this article until you have finished (or given up on) the spot the difference in the new Kindness Issue!

  1. The blue folder on the left now has an RB logo on it.

  2. The stain is now gone on the floor.

  3. The buttons on the second most right person’s jacket on the inside are now gone.

  4. The imagine it poster has a different image.

  5. Fire and ice is changes to ire and ice.

  6. The last word on the top header is now “infos.”

  7. Darth without art is just dh

  8. Toronto Institute of Art

  9. The black hoodie has no logo on it.

  10. The Nike logo on the red shirt is gone.

  11. A phone is moved into the food.

  12. The blue water bottle on the left is now green.

  13. There is an FHS on the Toronto Institute of Art

  14. The person sitting in the foreground is gone.

  15. The fire alarm is gone.



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