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"Kingsman: The Golden Circle" Review

By Arshan Aidun in Arts & Culture


"Kingsman: The Golden Circle"

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

“Kingsman The Golden Circle” is a fantastic movie because it’s action packed and bringing a lot of interesting ideas from the prequel. Matthew Vaughn, the director, tried his best to keep up with all the explosions and violence from the original, but even though there were events like Kingsman Headquarters  blowing up, and a ski life fight, they can’t quite compare.

The most exciting parts from the movie were when Eggsy and Merlin, played by Taron Egerton and Mark Strong, searched for help in the American South from the Statesmen’s whips and shotguns, and the old timey diner, and barbershop theme of the villain. There were also many unexpected, and sometimes gross “twists,” pun intended as you’ll have to see for yourself.

The statesmen were much like the Kingsmen, but much more stereotypically American. They wielded high tech cowboy devices, ran an alcohol company, and were very rich from their business. They agree to help the Kingsmen since they even had one of their own members affected by the dangerous weapon of the movie.

Poppy Adams, played by Julianne Moore, is the evil mastermind in this movie, locating herself and her drug cartel deep in the jungle. In her small town-like hideout you’ll find disturbing villain behavior, robots, and Elton John.

Because of all the setting changes, the secret service crew has to go from Europe, to a distillery, a music festival, a snow capped mountain, a jungle, and much more to pursue the villain in an exciting and humorous adventure. The movie was quite enjoyable, but not really in comparison to the original, as many sequels are. I’d give it a 6/10, but still recommend seeing it.

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