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Late start brings mixed emotions

By Paige Lindgren in Student News

The clock shows 3:00pm. In past years, school would be done for the day. Now, you must sit in class for another 20 minutes. Some students may be fine with the idea, remembering the extra sleep they got that morning, while others still prefer the old schedule with extra time after school.The new bell schedule at Fairview High School brings forward both positive and negative opinions from students and teachers. School starting at 8:05 instead of 7:35 in the morning is much appreciated by some. “I like it because the extra half hour of sleep really makes a difference,” Emily Hoskins, senior, said. Others, however, are not so thrilled. “It pushes everything later and there’s more traffic in the morning,” Daniel Slavick, senior, said. Traffic is a common complaint among students, faculty, and parents alike. With Fairview’s bell schedule now similar to that of Southern Hills, the amount of traffic surrounding the beginning and end of each school day is significantly greater. Most who drive in the morning must face rush hour traffic on their way to school.One motive behind starting school later in the morning was so that students might be more awake in class. Teachers opinions vary on whether they have seen a difference in class. “Maybe kids are less tired, but it’s hard to tell,” science teacher Dan Albritton said. Meanwhile, Spanish teacher Edgardo Parada explains, “Students aren’t really awake at 7:30, but they’re half awake at eight.”The athletic department is most affected by the new schedule. Schedules outside of the regular school day have not changed much since last year, so there is now less time before practices and games for student athletes to get ready. “The transition into practice has to happen quicker for athletes because I don’t like to keep them as late,” football coach Mike Mowen said. Fitting everything in after school may be tough sometimes as well. “I wish I had more time after school to get more done,” student athlete Jessa Wright, senior, said.

3:00 o’clock comes and goes while everyone eagerly waits for 3:20, signaling the end of the school day. Regardless of the differing opinions among students and faculty about the later start, everyone must adjust to the new schedule.

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