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"Logan" Review

By Ryan Swerdlin and Arshan Aidun in Arts & Culture


The final installment of the classic Marvel series Wolverine ended in  spectacular fashion. “Logan” is not only the best Wolverine movie. It is one of the top superhero movies of all time, maybe even the best. The film transcends the superhero genre in that it does not confine itself to the  status quo of the genre. This allows it to differentiate itself from other movies in the genre as well as the previous movies featuring Wolverine. The film as a whole is a truly fitting and unique end to a much celebrated series and allows Hugh Jackman to hang up his claws on a high note.

The movie starts with Wolverine as a shell of his former self, working as a limo driver who has been reduced to not much more than a caretaker for Professor X (Patrick Stewart). Adding to the desolate nature of his condition, he also has a drinking problem and is suicidal. These traits coupled with his heroic and courageous attributes are part of what make Wolverine a superhero of a unique mold and allow the character to elicit sympathy from the viewers and makes him a (somewhat) relatable character.

The film takes full advantage of its R-rating and the result is pure, unbridled gory, vulgar awesomeness. Add in the dynamic of Logan’s daughter Laura, Dafne Keen, (a character every bit as brutal and bloodthirsty as her father) and you’ve got the makings of a classic. Logan channels his pent up emotions of anger and despair to create as much carnage as possible, and it’s bloody glorious.

Forced to go on the run from mysterious bad guys, Logan, Laura, and Professor X fight for their lives, and in the process form powerful relationships. Their journey is fraught with hardships, both mental and physical, and the destination is one that is both tragic and befitting.

Although it takes place in the X-Men universe, it’s hard to classify “Logan” as a superhero movie as it is so unlike anything ever seen before in the expansive multiverse. At its heart, “Logan” is simply a beautifully made action movie that defies the confines of genres and ecompasses the Hero’s Journey. A perfect end to a series that desperately needed it, “Logan” delivers on all fronts and should go down as a true trailblazer, and an alltime classic for what it is.

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