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Madness Issue 'Spot the Difference' Key

By Noah Finer in Student News



Don't read unless you have taken a looked at the spot the difference in Royal Banner's new Madness Issue.


  1. A new red balloon has been added to the left side of the photo

  2. A white balloon at the top has disappeared

  3. Girls golf has been changed to boys golf in the 1989 champs poster

  4. A bystander on the left side has disappeared

  5. A person standing in the front row is now showing his love for the banner

  6. Between the people and the balloons on the left side, an I on the floor is missing

  7. A green iPad is now orange

  8. We're a Member Royal Banner School now

  9. Headsweats is now Footsweats

  10. The F on the billboard is now an E

  11. The left side of the ladder is missing a label

  12. A woman in a blue shirt is missing her name tag

  13. A water bottle on the far left is missing

  14. A speaker on the top has a differently colored logo

  15. A red phone on the left side is now blue


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