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March Madness Preview

By David Hirschhorn and Avery Monette in Sports


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

March Madness is here, everybody! FHS and the entire country will go crazy for a few weeks. It is the best time of year for college basketball fans and sports fans in general. Avery and I are going to tell you who will win it all, who is this year’s Cinderella, and much more.


Biggest First Round Upsets

David: My two biggest first round upsets are 14 seeds beating 3 seeds. I have the 14 seed Florida Gulf Coast Eagles defeating the Florida State Seminoles. I am a huge Duke fan so I am a little biased here. However, Florida State is wildly inconsistent. Also, Florida Gulf Coast has tournament experience and I have . My second upset is 14 seeded New Mexico State beating the 3 seed Baylor. Baylor has busted brackets year after year losing in the first round year after year. For that reason I expect them to lose once again in the first round to a small and relatively unknown school.

Avery: Upsets are something that are inevitable when it comes to March Madness, because when it comes to march, anything can happen. One of my biggest upsets I have is New Mexico State upsetting the 3 seed Baylor. Baylor has been a team that has been on and off all year long and when it comes to the tournament, it is more inconsistent than ever, so I can’t see Baylor showing up and making a big time run. My second upset is East Tennessee State University over the four seeded Florida Gators. Besides Kentucky, the gators have yet to be challenged the SEC is a pretty weak conference and I can see a no name team come in and taking their super ego’s.   


Biggest Cinderella

David: I have the 7 seeded Michigan Wolverines as my biggest Cinderella in this year’s tournament. Call me crazy but I have them advancing them to the Elite Eight. Their journey involves defeating Oklahoma State in the first round, then pulling off the big upset defeating 2 seeded Louisville, then defeating the 3 seeded Oregon Ducks. However, I believe in the Elite Eight, they will face the Kansas Jayhawks and their luck will run out as they lose. I believe that Michigan is one of the hottest teams in the country and will make a deep run in the tournament.


Avery: I have the Cyclones of Iowa State reaching the final four this year as a 5 seed. Iowa State doesn’t really fit the stereotype of a “cinderella team”; a very low seeded small school that is built under a rock. But being a 5 seed the Cyclones are a team that I can see making some major noise in the tournament this year. Iowa State has racked up some great wins this regular season beating the 3 seed Baylor,  the 4 seeded Mountaineers of West Virginia, and most importantly the 1 seeded Kansas Jayhawks. Iowa State has proven the can beat the big time teams, now the biggest question is can the do it in the bright lights.


Final Four

David: My Final Four goes as follows: 2 seed Duke Blue Devils, 2 seed Arizona Wildcats, 1 seed Kansas Jayhawks, and the 1 seed UNC Tar Heels. Statistically, there have only been 2 one seeds who make the Final Four. That is what I have in my bracket. I have Kansas beating Duke in the title game. The tournament should be really fun and good.


Avery: My Final Four consists of four of the best teams in college basketball, Duke and Kentucky as 2 seeds, Florida State as a 3 seed, and my cinderella team Iowa State as a 5 seed. My final four is kind of all over the place in terms of seeding but in March seeds don’t matter. The best teams in the nation will show up ready to win a title for their schools.

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