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Marching Band Places 3rd

By Jasmine Vital in Sports


The CBA State Marching Championships took place in Fort Collins this last weekend. The knights ended up with a score of 32.20.

The Fairview Marching band has received medal awards for coming top 3 in the state four years in a row. The Band stood in third place with a score of 80.40 right behind Legacy who had a score of 82.45, which made them automatic qualifiers for 4A/5A state semifinals.

In a Marching Band competition, it's just not the band alone that performs. The performance is made up of many different things that go into a 15 minute performance which starts counting down once the first person steps into the field. Fairview as a 5A band are required to perform a minimum of 7 minutes. The total field time for the band to be on the field should be a total of 15 minutes which includes entrance, warm up, performance and exit. Bands are scored based on music, visual, effect and overall performance.

“It’s just a really good environment to play in because they listen to those big impactful moments and they respond and just having that is really cool,” said junior and flute player Emily Losinski.

Colorguard also performs with the band, providing the visual aspect of the band performance to interpret the music that the marching band is playing with synchronized work of flags, rifles, air blades and dance making the presentation more appealing visually to the audience. Every spin or toss creates a different illusion for the audience.

According to Chloe Peterson, junior, Colorguard’s biggest struggle is “when you are at the state's finals and you so excited and so ready to just go out there and spin your show you over perform and mess it up. At this point we have everything down we just have to not over perform and keep calm.”

“I’m expecting us to get better visual wise because the overall band has gotten much better,” said Madeline Nagel, also a member of Colorguard.

The part that was exciting going into the competition was not just seeing where they will be placed.

“I’m excited for those quiet moments especially during the ballet part of our show where we will be playing something and the audience is just quiet you hear them and almost feel their anticipation,” said Losinski. “The buildup of anticipation is what I really like. The goal is to have your last show be you best show and I think that when that is the case and then you do end up meddling it just makes it all feel so much better.”

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