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Marching Band Takes Third at State

By Keren Sneh in Student News

On Saturday October 25th, the Fairview Marching Knights competed for the last time in the state competition held at Air Force Academy. They placed third, with a score that was only 0.2 points away from the second place band Fossil Ridge.


After scoring extremely close to the first and second place bands throughout the season, some members of the band were hoping to improve their placement from last year.


“Especially with this season being the way it was, with the points being so close, some people thought we might do better; we might get second,” said sophomore Lauren Wubbena.


Despite the slight disappointment, many band members are still proud of the show and say they had a great season.


“This year was a really great year to graduate on and I’m very proud of the show and very satisfied with the experience as a whole. So it all got tied up with a bow and came to a good closure,” said Drum Major Taylor Self, senior.


Although the band is proud of their performance, it was not perfect. During the band’s final performance, a train whistle went off in the third movement.


“If you watch the finals video for the Espana show, it also is featured in that, so I didn’t realize just how bad it was at the time. But going back and watching the video and listening to it afterwards, it’s disappointing, it sucks,” Self said.


While some members of the band think that the train didn’t affect their score because they couldn’t control it, others disagree.


“I’m pretty sure it affected our score because it’s part of the general effect, and when you have something like that that’s blaring, and even though it wasn’t our fault, it’s still going to affect the score,” said Wubbena.


Despite this, the band now jokes about the “train solo.”


“It’s good that we can joke about it, but it’s a bummer for sure,” said Self.


For the seniors in band, state is their final show as part of FMK. For many, it is a bittersweet experience.

“Really, throughout high school, it’s been something that has introduced me to almost all of my friends,” Self said, “Being drum major, sure it’s one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it’s also the most rewarding, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of anything then I have been to be part of the band.”

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