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Meet the Candidates: 2016 Student Council Representatives

By Varun Narayanswamy and Rachel Grushan in Student News



1. Why are you running for this position?

Reagan Bartholomew (Secretary):  

Cliffy Smith (Treasurer):  

Mara Kelly (Vice President): I've been in Senate all of my time at Fairview, and I've always really looked up to the all-school officers and admired all of their hard work. Being VP would also be a really great way to give back to Fairview and make a difference in our school.

Katie Sanchez (Vice President): I'm so excited to be running for all school Vice President because I feel incredibly invested in Fairview's student council and how it is run. I have been a senator for the past three years and I would love the opportunity to improve the school with my ideas.

Stone Streeter (Vice President): I am running for this position to enhance the lives and experiences of Fairview students and faculty next year.

Anurag Golla (President): Ever since I heard Zach Swenson and Jaimie Zhu lead Student Council meetings of 140 students, I was enticed to follow in their footsteps. I have been a part of Student Senate and Council since my freshman year. I served as the Sophomore Class Vice President last year and Junior Class President this year. I want continue my dedication towards the school and make a bigger impact as Student Body President. It would be a dream come true!

Julian Dreiman (President): I am running because I want to make Fairview better in any way I can. Being student body president gives you a lot of leeway to make big changes for the school.

2. What is your favorite thing about Fairview?



MK: My favorite thing about Fairview is all of the opportunities we have to pursue what we’re interested in. Whether you’re interested in art, music, or science, there are so many ways to get involved and find a group of people that you relate to.

KS: My favorite aspect of Fairview is the people. I love that everyone can be individuals yet still manage to get along with each other.

SS: The homies.

AG: The diversity of people here. Fairview is not a typical school that is populated by exclusive "cliques". Instead most people are accepting and inclusive to new people, ideas, and change. I value this about Fairview.

JD: My favorite thing about Fairview is when all the kids come together at school events like the spring fest or basketball games and it truly feels like we are a community.

3. What is one thing you would want to improve/change if you are elected?



MK:  If elected, I really want to work on bringing the student body together and building a lot of school spirit. I’m planning on having a lot more all-school events such as informals, assemblies, and festivals in the horseshoe.

KS: If I were to be elected, I would like to improve how student council interacts with the student population. I think if stuco were to get more of the public’s opinion on events, then we could make them even better.

SS: [I would improve) attendance at sporting events and arts performances.

AG: Student Body Involvement and the attitude towards school spirit away from football games. A lot of the hype surrounds football and basketball events, to name a few. However, there are so many different talents waiting to be revealed. School spirit needs to embody all of these activities as well.

JD: One thing that I like to improve if I'm elected is the spirit at Fairview. Although we already have good spirit, I feel that I could really improve the quality and amount of spirit at school.

4. If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?



MK: Enthusiastic.

KS: Adventurous.

SS: Ecstatic.

AG: Passionate.

JD:  Enthusiastic.

5. For those running for President or Vice President: What distinguishes you from other candidates?

MK: I have been class vice-president in the past, and I am involved with many different groups around FHS from which I can get a variety of perspectives.

KS: There are so many great candidates for VP, but I think I have more of a plan on what I want to do in council and how to go about it.

SS: I am very diverse and know everyone from all nooks of the student body. I will be better equipped to hear all ideas from many students.

AG: Honestly, both of the other candidates are amazing and potential leaders. In the end the best leader is the one that aligns with the student body. Its up to Fairview to decide who best represents its needs.

JD: All the other candidates are great. However, my experience of holding both the position of president and vice president of the class for three years, and my ability to connect with students and teachers are what set me apart from the other candidates.


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