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Memories from the 2011 graduating class erased

By Caroline Kruger and Alex Flynn in Student News

Earlier this year, the administration removed the 2011 handprints located on one of the new walls outside facing the senior lot because of district policies.

Originally, the 2011 graduating class made the handprints to leave memories from their time at Fairview. All of these students had the chance to put their handprint on this wall in Fairview colors. At the time, the handprints were never an issue, however, this year the district noticed that it could promote vandalism.

"Although it seemed harmless at the time," said administrator James Hill,"when you look at it, it is defacing school property, and it is the first thing you see when driving up Darley."

The administration realized their mistake, and wished they could've chosen a better location for these handprints because now the graduating class of 2011 wasn't able to leave a memory that could last a long time. In the future, the administration has new ideas for seniors to leave a mark.

"A better idea would have been to put up boards for each class on a dedicated wall, rather than on an outside wall where students could possibly have the opportunity to vandalize this area," said Hill.

The handprints cost $1000 to remove out of Fairview's budget but it was a demand by the district to do so. Being able to come back to your high school 20 years down the road is exciting, so is leaving a handprint to show the impact that your class left behind.

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