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Meteor Disintegrates over Russia and Injures at Least 1,200

By Elise Maclean in Student News

Friday morning, a meteor streaked across the sky and broke into pieces over Chelyabinsk, an Ural Mountain City in Russia. The meteor trail of light could also be seen 300 miles north and 80 miles south of the city. A 15 to 20 foot across hole in the ice was discovered by searchers on the lake just west of Chelyabinsk.According to the Russian Academy of Sciences estimates, the meteor weighed around 10 tons and was traveling at 10 to 12 miles per second (around 30,000 to 45,000 mph) when it disintegrated over Chelyabinsk.Late in the day the Russian Interior Ministry reported that 1,200 people were injured and 48 hospitalized from the impact damage of the dubris. Dubris broke windows and collapsed roofs

Doctors at a clinic told a local news website that most of the injuries were concussions or cuts from flying glass. No deaths have been reported.

Since the arrival of the meteor in Russia, comparisons have been made to the meteor that exploded over Siberia in 1908, only 1,000 miles to the east of Chelyabinsk.

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