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Miah's Calendar: A preview of upcoming events

By Miah Yager in Student News

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  1. 5th Annual Verve Collisionz  hip hop dance competition: it's at the Glenn Miller Ballroom; CU. It's open at 7:30 on the nose, so be there.

  2. Fairview Songwriting Competition:  This Friday at 3:30 in school hours.

  3. Sophie Kloor's  House Concert : At the Nyland Co Housing Community . It begins at 6:00 through 8:00pm.

  4. Beau Jo's Fundraiser: At Beau Jo's pizza on baseline road. It starts at April 14 at 11:00am until April 15.

  5. Cover the Night Kony 2012 : It starts Friday April 20th . It begins at 6:3o through 9:30 pm.

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