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Miah's Musings

By Miah Yager in Opinion & Politics

New Computers in Library:

How long are the computers gonna last? Who's paying for the computers? Do the computers like their view of the mountains?

Do they  have a privilege for youtube usage ? Do the teachers like the new computers ? Are the new computers confusing?

Do they speak a certain language ? Do they speak alien? Do they mimic me?   Do they have arms instead of legs? Do they have a mascot?

Facebook :

Does Facebook have a Facebook? Do they have competitions with Bing?  How  much money do they have ?

Do they  have a zombie on their wall? How come they have more hits then gmail? Why do you scare me like that?

Do you have arms? Why are you bugging me? Do you have the time? Call me ? Help me ?


Why do you hurt me so much? Do you scare zombies? Why do you taste so good? I want you so badly?

Do you ever have a boyfriend in your life? Do you feel lonely? Do you ever talk? I wish you can help me? Can you speak Greek?

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