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Miah's Musings: Pops and more

By Miah Yager in Opinion & Politics

Crazy  lives:

My mind is hurting I need some aspirin?  Homework check ,  friends check ,  clubs check = too much?  Chores not helping?

My planner is not helping?  I wish I'm in a box? Help me? Call a headline for me please?  By the way  the chatter in this room

is not helping at all? If teachers can't talk what would I do?


Hal la I love that pic on my own Facebook wall ? Check me out.... I look good? Fireworks is now In my hair? POP CRAK what's that?

I may need a breath mint? I can feel it , I can feel it ? Sat what ? See yeah?

My brain:

I'm fried? I'm just burned myself? I'm on fire? What's that? UHHHH ? Okay now I need some help ?

Ouch what was that for? I got it? fine be that way?

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