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Miah's Musings: Teens and Thanksgiving

By Miah Yager in Opinion & Politics

Teenage Drama :

OMG  tell me? W0w what's going on?   That person did that?  What did you just say?  Can you have a telephone?

You just scared  me?  Help me? Is my brian okay?  Can you hear me? Just say it no I can't ? I'm fried?  Uhhhhhhh?

Hug me ?

Awkward kisses :

You need a breath mint? Is my kiss okay? Do I have something in my teeth? I have a crush on you ... wait what?

I cant hear you? Wow are you okay? Yes I'm okay? Does your girlfriend know about this?  No not really?

Thanksgiving break:

Is my turkey fried? Can my turkey talk? What are you doing over thanksgiving ?

OMG help me? Is the turkey gonna fly? Turkey wait wait? Hold on I will just get my knife? No don't ?

Why? What did you just say? I just gave up ? No don't I need you ? Hug? Hug? It's okay I will get the turkey by myself? Do you think that turkey knows thanksgiving?

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