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Miah's Musings: Week Two

By Miah Yager in Opinion & Politics

  1. Heating problems and Technology problems:

It's so hot in here! Why is this happening to me? Computer, wake up!

Help me. Do you know that you smell really weird? You creep me out.

Am I in a sauna? Are you in my dreams right now? Do you have a mute button?

Do you have a dream?

  1. Junk food:

Why are  you so good? Do you have any protests against me? Why are you so harsh to me?

Do you have an arch enemy? Are you waiting for me? Do you have eyes?

  1. Unfairness:

You are so harsh! Do you hurt zombies? Do you creep me out?

Are you in my dreams? Do you understand me? What's going on in here?

You made me cry. You just hurt me.

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