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Midseason Boys' Basketball Update

By Rachel Grushan in Sports


Photo by Chris Wagers

The Boys' Basketball season is in full swing. Since the start of the season in November, the team has gone 5-5 and plays 14 more games before playoff season begins.

One challenge in the first half of the season was adjusting to new coach Patrick Burke, who has replaced long-time coach Frank Lee. After years of working with Lee, the transition was a tricky one at first. However Mooz feels that the team has adjusted to their new coach’s drills and plays.

“[Burke] changed a lot of things that needed to be changed,” said Mooz. “Now that we are getting into the flow of it, we are doing a lot better.”

Team bonding is also an important factor for success, which the team struggled with the first half of the season.

“We were still trying to become a team,” said Weatherly. “The biggest thing was becoming a family. If we worked on that a lot more, we would win a lot more in games, especially when everyone is like a brother to you.”

Mooz is optimistic that despite their “rough start”, the team has made great improvements.

“Our goal isn't so much to be really good from the beginning,” said Mooz. “It's to be playing our best basketball towards the end of February and playoffs, when it matters.”

While most of the boys played on JV teams together in the past, the addition of senior Frank Ryder, who has already signed to play for the University of San Diego next year, has created a new dynamic.

“Frank is a big part of our new offense and defense,” said Mooz. “So even though most of us played together last year, it's still very different because we have this all star player that we have to utilize effectively.”

Ryder isn’t the only senior to have already signed with a university; Kailash Graham-Bell signed with Penn State for football and Mitch Tyse will be joining Santa Clara’s baseball program. Even juniors on the team are already thinking about their futures in basketball.

“We also have a lot of juniors with the potential to go to D1 schools, so you’ve also got to be mindful of them,” said Mooz. “This year affects them just as much as next year does.”

As of now, Mooz and Weatherly cite Boulder High as their biggest competitor. Both also agree that the highlight of the season will be the Boulder vs. Fairview game on January 26th.

“Since it is such a big rivalry, it's anyone's game,” said Mooz. “There's a lot more riding on that game than [any other].”

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