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MLB Season Preview

By David Hirschhorn in Sports


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

It is an exciting time of year at Fairview. Spring break is right around the corner for all students. Everybody is excited that Spring is here and Summer is approaching. Nobody in the sports world is more excited for this time of year than baseball fans.

Spring Training is going on right now and Opening Day is getting closer and closer. Last season was one for the record books as the Chicago Cubs broke their 108 year long World Series drought. There are many teams that have a chance to win the World Series and I am going to tell you what players to watch, what teams to watch, and what is exciting for this upcoming season.


Players to Watch

  1. Nolan Arenado, 3B, Colorado Rockies -- Living in Colorado many people are fans of the Colorado Rockies. They were really good in 2007 but have been pretty awful since then. However, this season is looking good so far. The Rockies have a candidate for MVP in Nolan Arenado. They also have a lot of other talent that could, dare I say, lead them back to the playoffs.

  2. Giancarlo Stanton, OF, Miami Marlins -- I don’t know about you, but I love watching a player hit a home run. The player who can hit the biggest bombs out there is Giancarlo Stanton. He won the Home Run Derby last season and he hit a ball 495 feet last year. If you want excitement, watch Stanton.

  3. Noah Syndergaard, P, New York Mets -- If you like pitchers that strike players out and throw really fast, Noah “Thor” Syndergaard is your guy. He is a mammoth of a human being and looks like he was genetically engineered to strike opposing batters out. The Mets may not be a terrific team, but Thor is always fun to watch.

  4. Gary Sanchez, C, New York Yankees -- Gary Sanchez may be a name that you have never heard before. Well, get to know him. He has only played in 52 games in the major league but he hit 20 home runs during that span. In my opinion, he is one of the future stars of baseball and might be a top five catcher in the league already. If you love watching guys go yard and don’t want to watch a bad team in the Marlins, tune into a Yankee game and watch Sanchez go far.

  5. Jose Altuve, 2B, Houston Astros -- If you want to watch one of the most exciting players, watch a Houston Astros game where you can find the best second baseman in major league baseball, the 5’5” Jose Altuve doing everything. Altuve is fun to watch because he proves that size doesn’t matter. “The Astros are a terrific up and coming team and Altuve is really fun to watch” says Sophomore Fairview baseball player Ben Daecher. He is the shortest player in the MLB but is one of the best in the game.

Teams to Watch

  1. Chicago Cubs -- The defending champs are going to be fun to watch this year. Their pitching isn’t exceptional but they have a bunch of powerful bats assembled. With guys like Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo leading the way, don’t be surprised if the Cubs repeat as champions in 2017. “Javier Baez and the Cubs have tons of swag and are great to watch” says Freshman Fairview baseball player Sam Nielsen.

  2. Boston Red Sox -- As much as I hate the Red Sox, they are going to be really good this year. They lost a star in David Ortiz to retirement but new stars are emerging in Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts. Oh, and also they traded for a top pitcher in the offseason (Chris Sale) making this team scary good

  3. Cleveland Indians -- While the Cubs celebrated breaking their curse, the Indians had their hearts ripped out from them in the World Series. They were so close to breaking their 50+ year curse but barely lost. Now, they are the proud owners of the longest championship drought in professional baseball. However, they are better than before this year adding slugger Edwin Encarnacion to their already stacked roster.

  4. Colorado Rockies -- Look, the Rockies might not even go to the playoffs, but they are always fun to watch. However this year, their already loaded bats get better. They feature MVP candidate Nolan Arenado, batting champ DJ LeMahieu, rookie sensation Trevor Story and much more. The Rockies could be surprisingly good this year and I am super excited to watch them.

Any Game Between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers -- These two teams aren’t fun to watch on their own, but when they play each other, it gets heated. In 2015, the Rangers blew a series lead against the Blue Jays leading to the end of their season. In 2016, the two teams met in the regular season for the first time since that incident and there was an enormous brawl. They met in the playoffs again and the Rangers didn’t show up. This is one of the best rivalries in baseball right now as these two teams hate each other.

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