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Movie review: Paranormal Activity 3

By Brian Lee in Arts & Culture

I have seen A LOT of scary movies. From Japanese version of Grudge to some of the most sickening scenes of Saw, I have seen them all, alone, and have never gotten a nightmare. Paranormal Activity 3 was scary and disturbing enough to just creep me out. Not creeping me out like seeing a guy drink a juice made out of scorpion (seriously, a scorpion!), but creeping me out and making me feel disturbed by the end of the movie for about... half an hour. Unlike the first film in the Paranormal Activity series, which is really slow and uneventful for like 90% of the movie and makes me want to sleep through the middle, Paranormal Activity 3 starts right off the bat with a girl saying there is an imaginary friend (the ghost, obviously) walking about and talking to her. There are enough surprising developments in the movie to keep you entertained for the whole movie. If you are worried about the amount of scary stuff, just watch the trailer, and you’ll see what I mean.

Paranormal Activity 2 had a problem of having too many cameras placed around the house, leaving too many angles and overcomplicating things. Paranormal Activity 3 solves that with having only 3 cameras. One rotates by a customized fan revolver, giving a perspective of the living room and the kitchen that makes you tense as you think that a new development will happen when the camera swings back to view the living room.

Paranormal Activity 2 had a minimal amount of contact with the “ghost;” about 10 minutes in the whole movie showing flying stuff and possessed people, while the rest of the movie is just a bunch of pranks done indirectly to the family. In Paranormal Activity 3, the main characters come directly in contact with the ghost, giving you a better entertainment with people getting dragged through the air, slamming doors, and invisible objects.

I have to say that Paranormal Activity 3 may be the best Paranormal Activity movie in the series, but in overall, the Paranormal Activity films just do not have enough impact to make the person remember the movie about a month later due to their slow plots. Paranormal Activity 3 is about a 6 out of 10 in terms of scariness, 2 out of 10 in terms of gore, and 6.5 out of 10 for disturbing scenes in the movie.

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