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Musical performed at Monarch for BVSD calculus students

By Caroline Kruger in Student News

"Saddle, peak and trough and saddle!" This calculus song has gotten stuck in everyone's head. Last night, at Monarch High School, a couple performed a musical designed to teach calculus to schools in BVSD. Schools such as Fairview, Broomfield, Centaurus, and Monarch were invited to go.

This play, although very comical, attempted to teach students terms that were specific to calculus. The couple, who are based in Cincinnati, travel around the country to perform for students.

"This performance was hilarious because everyone was really into it," said senior Kourtney Fosse, "I really enjoyed it and the couple made it great!"

The songs that were performed in the play were practiced all semester in Ms. McCleary's calculus classes. These students were able to show off their talent at the performance when the couple invited a few individuals on stage.

Listen around the student body, and you are guaranteed to hear these songs throughout the hallways. But be careful... they will get stuck in your head!

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