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National Honor Society's Silent Auction for Foster Care

By Emma O'Leary in Student News


On February 8th and 9th, National Honor Society hosted their second annual silent auction, and this year the proceeds went to Foster Care organizations in Colorado.

After leading one of the auction committees last year, Samara Angel decided she wanted to become the leader of the auction this year.

“It was a lot of fun, really fulfilling, and also very effective at raising money, so I wanted to do it again this year,” Angel said in an email.

According to junior Juliana Birkenkamp, the volunteers were preparing for the silent auction for about a month.

Birkenkamp and junior Lauren McKenna were in charge of the publicity for the auction.

“We made posters that we put around the neighborhood telling parents about it. We also sent an email to parents on the parent newsletter,” McKenna said.

Mckenna and Birkenkamp also made a flyer to give to businesses.

All of the items that were auctioned off were donated by various businesses.

“We acquired the donations by having members of the silent auction committee go and solicit businesses to make donations,” Angel said.

The items ranged from gift cards to local restaurants to a 124 inch screen TV and free dog grooming.

This year, the silent auction raised $4,500 dollars for foster care organizations. The proceeds are being split between Boulder County, Denver County, and Adams County.

“I think it feels really nice to have been a part and a leader in it and knowing that the money will go to a good cause and that’ll help a lot of people around Colorado,” McKenna said.

As well as acquiring items to auction off, clothes and school supplies were donated in order to be given to foster care organizations.

In Colorado alone, there are currently 4,951 children in foster care, according to CO4Kids.

According to McKenna, the 2018 silent auction will gather donations for another cause.

“Everyone should do it next year,” Birkenkamp said.

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