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Netflix Originals

By Emma O'Leary in Arts & Culture


Did you just finish your latest Netflix obsession and are looking for something new? Are you a fan of science-fictiony shows? “Sense8,” “The OA,” and “Stranger Things” are three of my favorite TV shows, and all are Netflix Originals. Sadly, they all only have one season currently, and not many episodes in that season, but in this case quality is more important than quality.

Sense8: If you like science fiction, yet aren’t the biggest fan of aliens, then this show is for you. “Sense8” follows the lives of 8 people, known as sensates, who are all born on August 8th, and are part of a “cluster”. These people can experience the life that any of the other 7 are living. Essentially, they can be in two places at once, drifting in and out of other countries and into the lives of the other sensates.

This may sound confusing, but give it a chance. The 8 characters live in countries all over the world: Mumbai, London, Chicago, San Francisco, Seoul, Berlin, Mexico City, Nairobi, and later Reykjavik. The show is actually filmed in these places, making it very interesting to watch, and at times the cinematography can be quite beautiful, capturing the striking landscape of Iceland or the vibrant colors of an Indian parade.

As the sensates get to know each other, it becomes clear that they are each fighting their own battle. For example, Sun, one of the sensates, is going down for a crime she didn’t commit. Lito, another sensate, is a famous Mexican movie star, but nobody knows that he is gay. On top of these personal struggles, the sensates are being hunted by someone known as Whispers, who is determined to capture the cluster. And the scariest part? They look him in the eyes once, and they’re in deep trouble.

“Sense8” had me captivated from the very first episode, and the diverse cast and broad range of stories further helps to hook the viewer. “Sense8”, with its unique plot and good acting, is a Netflix Original that is definitely worth your while.

The OA: Prairie, a blind 21 year old, disappears. Years later, she comes back.... And can see. What happened to her during all those years?

Upon her return home, Prairie makes a deal with a teenager in the neighborhood: she will pretend to be his mom in order to prevent him from going to a school for bad kids, if he gets 5 people to come meet her in an abandoned building and leave their front doors open.

Throughout the 8 episodes, Prairie reveals her story of her kidnapping to the 5 people in the abandoned house. She also enlists their help in finding Homer, whom she fell in love with while she was gone. While the episodes switch back and forth between Prairie’s current life and her life in captivity, the mystery keeps unfolding, never letting the viewer get bored.

Each episode adds another layer to the mystery, and the good acting combined with the unique plot and characters forms a successful show. After flying through the 8 episodes, I was left with one question in my head: what really happened to Prairie?

Stranger Things: You have most likely heard about “Stranger Things”: the show has taken over social media. What started as a crazy idea that drew inspiration from a bunch of old movies has quickly morphed into a very popular Netflix Original.

“Stranger Things” is about 4 young boys, who are all deemed “odd” in some way by the other kids at school. When one of the 4 boys, Will, disappears, the remaining 3 will do whatever it takes to find him.

Then a strange girl shows up, and Lucas decides to shelter her in his home. She is bald, speaks very little, and has the number 11 tattooed onto her arm, giving her the name “Eleven”. The boys quickly discover that she has certain powers, and even knows something about Will’s disappearance.

While the boys enlist Elle’s help, an investigator also begins to track down the trail left by whoever took Will. As the events unfold, more and more questions arise, and I guarantee that you will be on the edge of your seat from the first minutes of the first episode. Also, the kids aren’t played by 20-something year old actors-- they’re actually kids, and they’re good actors at that. As well as having a very creative plot, the vintage twist of “Stranger Things” also helps to captivate the audience, and will leave them eagerly awaiting the second season.

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