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New Attendance Policy: Hit or Miss?

By Katie Steen in Opinion & Politics

So here is the situation. You are feeling really cold and sick, and you stayed up late at sports/musical/debate. Your mom says, "Honey, why don't you just sleep in this morning? You can go in after 2nd period." Psych! You can't do that. You might as well just stay home all day, because you won't be excused!

The new Fairview attendance policy states that if a student is absent from any single class period, they need a doctor's note or a notice of court appointment in order to get excused. That means no more taking part of your day off to get better; you're either sick all day or you're not sick at all.

I understand the point of this; administration doesn't want to encourage kids to ditch random classes that they don't like and just get excused by their parents. However, the majority of the people who don't go to class are simply trying to give themselves time to rest, get better, and relieve the stress of eight hour days.

Although the number of absences has gone down since the new policy was enforced, students certainly aren't happy about having to come to school with a high fever and a ghastly cough and more people are encouraged to take a whole day off if they are feeling a little under the weather.

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