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New Class Officers Elected for 2013

By Megan DeBruyn, Paige Reisman in Student News

On Friday, March 27th, the rising seniors, juniors, and sophomores gathered to  hear speeches and cast their votes for their representatives in school senate and the winners have been announced.

Up and coming senior class president Riley Wilsted, paired with her trusty vice president, Jen Forrister, emphasize their goals of making senior year fun and enjoyable for all. Jen says that she will be focusing on "supporting the president and working together as a team." Riley similarly stated that she wants to ensure a memorable last year of high school as she plans senior breakfasts and other fun filled activities. Another aspect of her job description is to plan future class reunions.

Heading up the junior class president role is Jeff Clarke, whose speech revolved around manatees. Although this may have seemed an arbitrary sea mammal to compare the future of Fairview to, Jeff assured us that "High school is flying by and we need to capture the moments before they go extinct." Like the manatees, of course. Jeff, never having been in Student Council before, will be working closely with his vice president Ryan Chen. These two are excited about their responsibility of planning prom for 2013.

The sophomores will be led by president Alice Bonan, bringing experience as current vice president for the Freshmen, and VP Calvin Munson.

Rising freshmen will hold elections for their class officers in the fall.

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