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New Classes, New Possibilities

By Aleah Matthews-Runner in Opinion & Politics

In the past couple of days, students have been receiving course selection forms. This year, there are some exciting new options. Rising juniors and seniors can now choose which lunch period they want. Students can request to have first or eighth period off. There are also new classes: IB Environmental Systems and Societies, Discussion and Debate , Stagecraft 2, and Play Production. Arapahoe Ridge College courses are available to students as well. Cliff Lester, a junior at Fairview, said “It’s great to improve the diversity of our school and the learning environment for students interested in a broad range of topics...The Arapahoe Ridge classes help people get prepared for the real world.” Adam Zarian, a junior at Fairview, said “For the people who are interested in those areas, it’ll probably be good, just to get some more diversity in classes.” Having new classes at Fairview provides students with more options and can help students get head in a subject they may want to major in. Stagecraft 2 and Play Production, two new classes in the theatre department, are going to give technical theatre a pathway. Mr. Boyer, the theatre teacher, said “I’m excited for structure. Drama hasn’t had it. The choral program has it. The band program has it. There’s a way that you can funnel towards the upper echelon of classes in those programs, where you can’t in drama.” These new classes give are beneficial for students and teachers. While students have more choices for what to learn, teachers are able to develop their department.

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