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New Social Media App Beme

By Webmaster in Student News


A person making a Beme on the app.

The social media app Beme has recently been released on the major app distribution platforms. It seems to be gaining traction, but not much at Fairview.

Beme is an app for phones, where users cover the front sensor and the phone starts taking video out of the frontward camera. While this is occurring, the screen goes black, requiring the user to experience their lives through their own eyes, instead of through the screen of their phone.

On the Apple App Store, the app has become number nine, and on the Google Play Store, the app has over 100 thousand downloads.

Despite the excitement around the world for the new app, it is lacking at Fairview.

“It’s like Periscope … Yeah, I don’t see the point of it,” said sophomore Vikram Tholakapalli.

Fairview students are using different forms of social media instead of Beme.

“I use Instagram [and] Snapchat,” said sophomore Ryan Chiem. “It allows me to connect through the internet. 

Some students also use less traditional methods of social media.

“[I use] Reddit.” said Tholakapalli. “I don’t really like traditional social media because it’s not based on your interests, it’s just based on people you know, and I like [Reddit] because it’s based on your interests.”

Even though the app has had little success at Fairview, some students can see it more successful in the future.

“It depends on its popularity.” said, Chiem. “[But] I think it would be more successful.” 

The future success of Beme at Fairview, and worldwide, all depends on its initial popularity. If more people use it, then those people’s friends will use it, causing a snowball effect.

In an article on Medium, written by one of the co-founders of Beme Matt Hackett said, “We’re playing a game. In order to make it beyond the first level, we need to build a product that holds the focused attention of at minimum 100 million people. We have 3–4 years to do it, maybe. If we do not stay on a trajectory toward that goal, we will quickly cease to exist.”

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