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“Night Visions” is a fantastic start to Imagine Dragons’ recording career

By Alex Ray in Arts & Culture

Imagine Dragons’ first studio album, “Night Visions”, is one of the best albums of music I have listened to in years. It’s not that all of the songs are world class, nor that Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, is the new Steven Tyler. Rather, it is that the album has a huge range of quality music of many different genres. My only previous experience with Imagine Dragons was their single, “Radioactive”, which I heard on a commercial and became so impressed that I looked it up. The single, which is also part of the “Night Visions” album, is a masterful mix of deep, mature techo, a thick layering of different sounds, and suspenseful vocals.

This recipe of song is used many times throughout “Night Visions”, with songs like “Nothing Left to Say/ Rocks”, “Underdog”, and “Tiptoe” all combining lyrics and techno with traditional drums and guitar to provide a rarely-heard balance in music. “Underdog”, specifically, has a fantastic background of techo, emphasizing the shrill highs and deep lows that one expects to find in traditional dubstep.

Another set of songs in the album resemble electronic ballads. I find it to be a unique type of music as it really combines beautiful lyrics with melodic background to make an uplifting song. “Amsterdam” is one of the big gems of the album. With meaningful lyrics about how your time will come, if you just wait for your chance.

The only thing that was lacking in this album was the bass. Listening to “Radioactive” before the rest of the album, I was expecting much more of a bassy electronic sound than there was. Contrary to my previous expectation, most of the songs revolve around Reynolds, his precise vocals, and apparently effortless highs.

I will definitely be awaiting Imagine Dragons’ next album with the anticipation of a six-year-old on Christmas. However, until then, I still have “Night Visions” to accompany me.

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