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Nooks and Crannies: The Best Sweets of Boulder County

By Kaitlin Dailey in Arts & Culture


Photo by Kaitlin Dailey

The Best Sweets of Boulder County


The Boulder Cork: Mud Pie

Located on 30th St, The Boulder Cork’s dark and intimate atmosphere makes it perfect for a nice dinner from their Chef’s Specials menu or treating yourself to a piece of their mud pie with coffee or tea. Their pieces are perfect for sharing and sprinkled with almonds. A perfect place for conversation, coffee, and the best mud pie in Boulder County!


The Post Brewing Co.: Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

Though in Lafayette, this little gem is worth the drive. Their menu is stocked with southern dishes for brunch, lunch, dinner and even happy hour. During your brunch visit, treat yourself to their cinnamon sugar donut holes— delicious, sweet, and found only in the cutest restaurant in Lafayette!


Smooch: Mochi

This is one of Fairview’s favorite Pearl Street shops, and for good reason. Their specialty is one of the most unique and delicious treats on this list. Mochi is an ice cream dessert surrounded by sweetened rice confection and they serve them in 21 flavors. My favorites are mango, strawberry, and vanilla, but there are lots of great options!. Tastes best as a mid-shopping trip snack or as a speciality dessert item for a Flagstaff picnic.


The Cup: Chai Milkshakes

Featured on The Scoop on Beans for Best Selection, it is also home to some of the best chai milkshakes. Though their other milkshake flavors are scrumptious, the chai take the cake (or shake) for my favorite! As chai flavored milkshakes are rare, these milkshakes are a delicacy. A perfect blend of spicy zest and creamy sweetness, it is the perfect way to treat yourself during a study break!


Keep your eye on: Le Pops

Coming to Pearl Street next to Alpine Modern Shop, this shop is dedicated only to “gourmet iced lollies” —in other words, popsicles! Look out for this sweet little stop as the weather gets warmer!


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