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Obama is the better candidate for the US

By Michael Sparkman in Opinion & Politics

In this year’s excruciatingly close election between two candidates that hardly anyone seems to be too excited about (discluding other politicians), there are more underlying issues that rely on who America will choose. Barack Obama will undoubtedly make larger strides in the departments of women’s rights and the environment, along with the recent job creation he has been proved quite capable of. He has shown that he cares much more about a woman’s right to choose, along with other key rights, than Mitt Romney and his GOP associates. There have been too many blatant (and embarrassing) revelations about many GOP candidates’ education and sensitivity about women.

In light of recent events, many Americans should be concerned about climate change and what we can do and have done to counter it. After hearing both candidates’ stances on climate change from both their respective conventions and the three debates, one would take out of them that Mitt Romney does not believe that humans have had an effect on the planet’s rapid warming, and that Obama is willing to make a major attempt towards switching to more renewable energy options.

In the long run, the environment is just as crucial as the economy and jobs. Of course there is a logical reason why there is so much concern over jobs in America, but it has little relevance when Antarctica is melting and species key to the food chain are dying out. Politicians can’t keep turning a blind eye towards a massively important issue.

Not only do I agree with Barack Obama’s opinions and stances more than I do Romney’s, I am confident that Obama will keep America moving in the right direction: forward. He may not have fixed everyone’s problems and speedily dug us out of our recession, but he has steadily made progress and will continue to do so while maintaining credibility and success in such issues if re-elected.

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