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On The Slope

By Cameron Walsh in Sports

For students here at Fairview and along the Rocky Mountains, skiing and snowboarding is a natural part of life. And then there are those that take skiing to the next level.


Take Emma Gann, a senior here at Fairview, who takes skiing from a fun hobby, to a competitive level on The Nederland High School Ski Team.


“I started ski racing when I was seven; the interest came from my mother. She raced in college and taught me how to ski,” said Gann.


The Nederland High School Ski Team encompasses all of BVSD, people from across the school district ski Slalom and Giant Slalom. Gann is one of the captains of this Unified Team.


“On the high school team, my goal has been to make state and the varsity team,” Gann said, “I have done so in the past three years and hope to do it again this season.”


“The last several years the girls’ team has placed first and second in some of the different divisions.”


Starting in early November, the ski team begins practice from 2:00 to 4:00 with practice and dry land before the snow sets in. Then, the team dons their gear and heads up to Eldora and across the state in competitive racing.


“When we go up to Eldora we set up our own courses and train through those,”Gann said, “we mostly practice through in-gate training.”


For those new to Colorado and skiing, Slalom and Giant Slalom are a set of events where skiers will race down a slope, attempting to ski in between sets of flags. In Slalom, the vertical drop ranges from 180-220 m. In Giant Slalom, the vertical drop can range between 250-400 m.


“We lost a lot of kids last year that graduated, but we got a lot of new kids from Fairview, which is really exciting,” Gann said.


With the signs of winter quickly arriving, students will be heading up to the mountains to hit the slopes, and you can be sure that the Nederland Unified High School Ski Team will be hard at work.

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