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Parking and Weather

By Arshan Aidun in Student News

The past couple of weeks have been very snowy, icy, windy, and dusty. The result? Traffic on the way to school, and back, plus, the snow day and most of the cars parked outside covered halfway in dust.

Our snowiest days were in the first week of January, and high winds higher than 21 miles per hour were reached from January ninth through January eleventh.

“It was very inconvenient, and it was pretty dangerous.” junior  Noah Kendall said.

Snow gets plowed on the streets around Fairview, but the neighborhoods behind and around Fairview do not. Snow was also packed relatively high up on the sides of roads, where people like to park. It created, ice, and traffic as well.

“I live fairly far away and it makes the highway really slow,” said Junior, Joni Walsh

“I have to walk slower because I would get soaked otherwise,” said Junior, Keaton Wing

As for high winds and dust, it didn’t do much compared to snow, but it still bothered students. Kendall shared that half his car was covered with dust, and so was everyone else's’.

“My mirrors got dusted up real nice,” said Kendall

“My mirrors got covered and Visibility was hard,” said Walsh

There isn’t much that can be thought of at this point. All that could be thought of was more leniency with late times on days with bad weather.
“ Like be more lenient on tardies,” said Kendall

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