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Phoenix Album Review

By Alex Ray in Arts & Culture

Alternative music, from its beginnings in the 1980s under the guise of alt-rock, has been a very broad term for a large variety of music. In reality, it could be segregated into many extremely different genres. Due to this ambiguity, the alternative chart on iTunes is a veritable maelstrom of music. With the different musical roots ranging from techno to soft rock to pop, alternative music always brings a different hand to the table. Phoenix, an alt-rock group from France, came out with a brand-new album Bankrupt! on April 23. After their previous album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, received the award for best alt-rock album at the 2009 Grammy Awards, expectations were very high for this new release. Unfortunately, nothing in this album was edgy, unexpected, or even interesting. In fact, the only unexpected part of the entire album was the lack of incongruity between the songs. Every song has the same basic formula. Mediocre electronic beats overlayed with unimpressive lyrics, disappointingly performed by lead singer Thomas Mars. I, personally, am a big believer that good albums are meant to be listened to through-and-through, and in the proper order. A very good album has highs, lows, and everything in between scattered throughout like a well-mixed chocolate chip cookie. Bankrupt! seems to be missing the chocolate chips. Through the entire album, the same monotonous melodies and uninspired beats fill the empty space. Contrary to what was expected,

[caption id="attachment_9065" align="alignright" width="300"] Bankrupt! Album Cover[/caption]  was bankrupt of the interesting twists and turns that are a staple of quality alternative music.

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