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Pre-game Rituals- Superstitions for Winning a Game

By Harrison Young in Sports

If you’re an athlete, you probably have some sort of ritual you consistently do before each game. However weird, crazy, or nutty it may be, you still do it. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one who does it. Everyone has their pre game routine, but athletes do different things throughout different sports.

All of you guys probably think that soccer players just throw their uniforms on, and call it good.


Starting junior defender Jesse Andringa told me otherwise. “Before each game, we group up and get dressed. We watch highlights from a professional game for visualization.” Andringa said. He followed up, saying, “Once we finish with film, we go over our game tactics.”


Andringa also said how the whole team huddles up, and talks about the game plan, along with chanting Knights as they run onto the field.


Football, as you may have heard, has some wild rituals and traditions. Especially starting senior linebacker Luke Miller. “I have earned the nickname ‘Pukie’ because I puke before every game.” said Miller “And it rhymes with my name.” When asked about how the nickname came about, he said, “It started ever since I was little. I try not to, but I just can’t help it.”


Along with Miller’s, the whole team has rituals also. “A post-game ritual that we do after we win is we sing our fight song as we pass our field goal post at Fairview. It’s so much fun.” said Miller. “I have noticed that some kids put their jersey on their shoulder pads before the put their shoulder pads on. I think that’s a pretty smart idea.”


The volleyball girls have different rituals all together. “Before we play, we all scream ‘yasssssss’ because it pumps us up.” said junior Cree Lawrence. “On the way to away games for team bonding we always sing, and then we walk into ‘Bring em Out’ at home games.”


Lawrence mentioned a funny pre-game ritual a fellow teammate does, saying, “Bailey MacInnis always does high kicks before each game.” When asked if there was anything else the team loved or did consistently, Lawrence said, “Most of the team loves Noodles and Co.”


Whether it’s puking, singing, or watching highlights, clubs and sports at Fairview do what they need to do to win.

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