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Principal Don Stensrud Speaks Out Against Proposed Bill

By Keren Sneh in Student News

On February 4th, Principal Don Stensrud spoke out against a proposed bill that would discriminate against transgender people by forcing them to use locker rooms based on their biological sex.

Under Colorado’s 2008 Public Accommodations Statute, transgender people are allowed to use locker rooms based on what they identify as. The sponsor of the proposed bill, Littleton Representative Kim Ransom, cited worries that people would use the current law as a way to enter locker rooms for the opposite gender and harass the other users as her reason for proposing the bill, not discrimination.

However, when he spoke to the legislature, Stensrud disagreed that someone would use the law for this purpose.

“The premise behind the bill was that the football team is all going to say that they’re transgender so they can go into the girls’ locker room… In 19 years of being a principal, I’ve never had a football team say ‘Oh we’re transgender so we can go in the girls’ locker room,’” Stensrud said.

In his statement before the legislature, Stensrud said, “As a school principal, it is my job to make sure that all of my students have a safe and welcoming school environment where they can focus on learning, prepare for their future, and ultimately become productive and involved citizens. My understanding of this bill is that it would make it hard to provide that safe and welcoming environment to each and every individual student.”

The bill failed 7-4.

“We’ve had, in the last six, seven years, probably five, six, seven, eight transgender kids, and it’s never been an issue,” Stensrud said. “They were were making an issue out of something that has never been an issue.”

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